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MatchPoint Solutions helps clients optimize operating system, network, server and storage environments ensuring the highest levels of performance, security, and availability. MatchPoint has the experience and tools to mitigate the risks associated with maintaining and upgrading operating systems and networks. We provide enterprise commercial support for Unix (FreeBSD) and Linux (CentOS) operating systems.  We also provide OS deployment and management services, including security hardening, device driver development and performance tuning. MatchPoint provides innovative networking services to help clients build high-performance networks. MatchPoint has the workforce to help organizations leverage next-generation networks for maximum business benefit, while mitigating the risks. A range of market offerings, each backed by proven assets and experienced networking personnel, enable organizations to successfully navigate the phases of network. With deep skills and knowledge including latest mobile and wireless platforms—MatchPoint can translate business and strategic objectives into networking requirements. We have an end-to-end knowledge of total infrastructure requirements to help you achieve high performance.

With compatibility issues, ever more sophisticated security threats, and fast evolving services such as VoIP, seamless mobile connectivity, and mixed-media networking have added to the complexity of planning, configuring, and managing a network infrastructure that is resilient, secure, cost-effective, and supportive of your business objectives. Providing today’s network solutions to mainstream businesses requires both in-depth familiarity with key technologies and products and an extensive breadth of real-world experience supporting business infrastructure and dealing with line-of-business applications.

Our Infrastructure services can optimize and run your data, video, voice, contact center and collaboration infrastructures, delivering efficient operations, and on-going cost savings and agility. Our Infrastructure Practice brings together a deep, global network of experience across technology, strategy and risk to improve the way our clients run their infrastructure organizations.

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