Business Intelligence

Businesses realize that in this very competitive, fast paced, and ever-changing business environment, a key competitive quality is how quickly they respond and adapt to change. Real time data is the key to making informed decisions and building strategies that give businesses competitive advantages. At MatchPoint, we ensure data is gathered effectively, timely and is accessible in the format that makes decision making simpler. Timely and good quality information is like having a crystal ball that can give you an indication of what’s the best course to take.

MatchPoint has a broad spectrum of solutions customized to meet every organizations business needs. We have partnered with market leaders in software and services to provide the highest quality of performance that customers expect from us. MatchPoint has in-depth experience in products from leading market players like: Birst, DB2, Oracle, Teradata, Actuate, MicroStrategy, Business Objects, Ab-Initio, Informatica, COGNOS, DataStage, Trillium, FirstLogic, etc.

Big Data

How to make Big Data useful? The potential of big data is immense. Big data is being generated by everything around us at all times now. Big data is arriving from multiple sources like social media, sensors, mobile devices etc. To extract meaningful value from big data can be a challenge but can be achieved with aggressive processing power, analytics capabilities and reporting skills.

Our services include:

Data Integration
Data Warehouse
Analytics & Applications

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