About Us

MatchPoint Solutions leverages best business and technology practices along with experience and known methodologies to help clients make the right business decisions. From strategy to execution, our disciplined yet flexible approach starts and ends with our clients interest as the number one priority. Success is not an option, it is a promise. MatchPoint has experienced rapid growth due to adoption of our products and services among the US Fortune 1000 companies. We begin our consulting engagements with our respect and understanding of your corporate culture which results in you viewing MatchPoint Solutions as an extension of your organization.

Matchpoint Solutions differentiates it’s offerings by virtue of -


Our People

MatchPoint consultants are personally committed to getting the job done regardless of the obstacles.Our workforce is passionate, dedicated and professional. Unlike other companies, we do not send our workforce to gain experience at our clients.Our consultants bring the experience needed to make the project successful.

Strategic alliances

We realize the need for partnerships with companies that complement our products and services. MatchPoint has developed key alliances with companies that can add value and flexibility in our delivery. We only work with partners that add value to our service offerings and not just provide a logo for our site.

Our Flexibility

We have the capability to deliver services through on site or off shore resources, whatever meets the needs and objectives of our clients. We use established methodologies and industry best practices to tailor our solutions so they fit clients’ project requirements and business cultures while simultaneously minimizing risk and maximizing performance.

How do we do it?

MatchPoint helps clients save money without compromising on quality or scope of projects. Clients can expect the same or better quality solutions as the Big names, but without paying the big bucks for them. How we do it? – Keeping overhead costs low, cross training of employees, and higher utilization of workforce.