Information Technology Services

MatchPoint Solutions Information Technology group combines its vast technical knowledge with leadership and experience to cover a wide range of technical services.

Our services include:

The product solutions we offer overlay existing heterogeneous environments and are vendor agnostic. The economic advantages of this are obvious

Fewer truck rolls.

Faster response to remote site needs resulting in increased business up-time.

“Bring –the-problem-to-the-guru” IT workflow processes instead of the “buy-the-guru-a-plane-ticket” processes of today.

This will fundamentally change IT operations. We also expect that our solutions will fundamentally change the economics, value, and geographic flexibility of IT outsourcing, creating new business opportunities for VARs, MSPs, and Systems Integrators.

MatchPoint’s on-site and off-site professional services help our clients in system integration, application development and support and web services. Our consulting methodology is flexible keeping in mind ours client’s needs and expectations.

Our Hybrid model has been very successful to ensure cost savings with total deliverable control. Our clients can expect a high return on their investments by using our tried and tested solutions.

Our Services offer a wide range of solutions, please choose from the below options to get more information: