Enterprise Risk Management

MatchPoint Solutions thoroughly understands the challenges associated with managing and mitigating the ever-increasing risks to business and Information Technology. MatchPoint’s consultants help our clients contain those risks by leading and/or participating in implementing a risk mitigation-based approach to managing an enterprise, integrating concepts of strategic planning, operations management, and internal control, including security and privacy initiatives.

MatchPoint provides experienced project managers, technology specialists, risk and security specialists, certified records managers and business analysts to analyze, map, and document risks, so we can recommend solutions that help our clients continuously reduce risk. This includes analyzing the existing people, processes and technology that create, manage and dispose of information throughout the organization and providing policies, retention schedules, access and security procedures and solutions to meet best practice and further mitigate existing risk.

ERM is evolving to address the needs of the various Business stakeholders who want to understand and appropriately manage the broad spectrum of risks facing complex organizations. Companies typically reactively manage risks and utilize a variety of existing specialized departments or functions to identify and manage specific risks; however, each risk function varies in capability and coordination with other risk functions. A central goal and challenge of ERM is improving this capability and coordination, while integrating the output—providing a unified picture of risk for stakeholders—and improving the organization’s ability to manage the risks effectively.

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