Mergers & Acquisitions

MatchPoint approaches Margers & Acquisitions (M&A) based on the need to align reason, strategy, selection, implementation and post merger transition. Our M&A services practice has a significant track record of helping organizations achieve cost savings and improving efficiency.

We provide integration planning and execution methodology that paves the way for both short- and long-term true value creation. Our experience helps organizations streamline processes.

M&A Success by Focusing on Integration

Many mergers and acquisitions fail to reach targets—not because due diligence was faulty, but because potential integration challenges were not properly identified and addressed as part of the due diligence process itself.

Knowing challenges in advance can help you start dealing with them on Day 1 of the integration. CFOs and other key executives can greatly increase the likelihood of M&A success by focusing as much on post-M&A integration activities as they do on due diligence activities.

You won’t be able to address all integration challenges, but if you focus on aligning activities to deal drivers, dedicating staff and communicating effectively, you’ll make the work of everyone on the integration time vastly easier and greatly accelerate your time to value.

We focus on some key areas of Mergers and Acquisition that includes

Integration Plan Design and Plan Management
Individual Integration Team Support
Team Leadership

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