MatchPoint’s SAP services range from short term assignments to full scale projects in traditional ERP and emerging technologies. With in-depth domain knowledge, SAP capabilities and industry best business practices, our consultants proactively address issues and deliver SAP Solutions to your advantage, thereby helping you focus on your core competencies.

MatchPoint specializes in helping organizations leverage their existing system, reducing costs and increasing user satisfaction. Our deep industry knowledge, expertise and global delivery capabilities deliver custom refined solutions for our clients. We work on cutting edge technology such as analytics on the SAP HANA platform, cloud and mobility.

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Case Studies:

Case Study: Healthcare Company



The challenge

A major global software company, wants to re-engineer and consolidate its consulting – ‘order to cash’ process. They want to leverage existing tools and processes wherever possible, streamline and standardize billing processes that vary by region, and reduce the manual effort involved in the process.

Our solution

It was necessary to understand the current processes and the tools used. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) were identified, recruited and interviewed both in teams and individually. These experts included line staff and managers who understood their roles in the process. All SMEs and had a stake in improving the process and expressed strong opinions about the current procedures and how they could be improved. Separate interviews were conducted to elicit information about the current (As-Is) process and ideas to create an improved (To-Be) process. The best practices of the as-Is process and the desired improvements in the To-Be process were translated into requirements, which were reviewed by the entire team. The requirements document produced was revised iteratively until the team decided that a final document was ready for management approval and implementation. This process allowed process owners in all the Company’s worldwide regions both to contribute their expertise and best practices and to gain Companywide exposure. The final product did not reflect any single region’s operations, but the best of the Company’s practices worldwide.

The results

The Company streamlined its consulting bill to cash procedures and standardized its regional billing processes to the extent possible, given its worldwide scope. In addition, the analysis process identified a number of opportunities to streamline procedures and significantly reduce manual input and corrections.

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