MatchPoint Solutions, Inc. Statement Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Updated August 2, 2020 


MatchPoint Solutions continues to monitor the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and its global impact. We are committed to providing awareness and transparency to our customers, employees, subcontractors, vendors, and partners regarding our status and the actions that we are taking. Our business continues to be fully operational, with no disruption to our services and systems.  


MatchPoint Solutions has created a team to mitigate potential disruptions to our business. The Business Continuity Plan includes a focus on: 

  • The health and safety of our customers, employees, subcontractors, vendors, and partners. 
  • Supporting our customersemployees, subcontractors, vendors, and partners. 
  • The uninterrupted continuity of our services. 
  • Compliance with governmental regulations, public health guidance, and policies of our customers. 
  • Monitoring of client COVID-19 policies to help ensure compliance.  


Customer and employee health and safety: 

  • MatchPoint has asked all of our customers and consultants to notify us prior to working onsite so we can conduct a site survey to assess safety measures. 
  • MatchPoint requires the mandatory wearing of PPE while working at client sites, business functions, and business travel. They may be removed ONLY for purposes of eating, drinking or when using the outdoor designated smoking areas. Anyone that has a medical condition that may make it difficult to comply with this policy should contact their HR and MatchPoint account manager.  
  • MatchPoint has a business travel restriction in place. If a customer requests one of our employees or subcontractors to travel for business, the worker must contact MatchPoint Solutions HR. Travel will not be permitted until we can mitigate any health risk to both our worker and the client.  
  • We are holding virtual meetings rather than traveling in order to stay connected with our employees, customers, subcontractors, vendors, and partners. 
  • We have implemented a company-wide work from home policy for internal employees, and have restricted access to our facilities, including restriction of visitors.  We are closely monitoring guidelines from federal, state, and regional governments and health officials in the local communities where our employees and customers live and work.  
  • We continuously monitor our clients’ COVID-19 statements and will communicate any updates or changes to our workers supporting that client when necessary.  
  • We are carefully reviewing our event calendar as well as our presence at industry events in the coming months, postponing or canceling events as necessary.  


Business continuity: 

  • We have implemented twice-weekly Business Continuity Team meetings to ensure that updates and changes are communicated to customers, employees, subcontractors, partners, and vendors. 
  • MatchPoint has a program in place to enable our internal workforce to work remotely 
  • Our connectivity and workforce productivity tools are tested to ensure that employees have secure and continuous access to our customers, vendors, systems, data, and team members. 
  • All MatchPoint internal employees are able to connect remotely to our business systems as well as maintain internal and external communications. 
  • MatchPoint Solutions has 24×7 operations and continues to work 24×7. 
  • All MatchPoint critical business functions utilize SaaS solutions which can be accessed by the appropriate personnel from anywhere in the world.  
  • MatchPoint’s professional services including implementation and managed services are handled remotely without the need to travel to customer sites. Due to our travel restrictions, some customer meetings originally planned to take place onsite will now be handled by video or teleconference. 
  • We continue to monitor and be in touch with all of our partners and vendors to ensure that our joint solutions and services run smoothly to the benefit of our customers. 
  • We are making sure that both our internal and external systems continue to run smoothly. 
  • We are committed to keeping all of our employees and subcontractors safe and healthy. We sent all of them the CDC recommendations on how to protect themselves at 


Supporting our customers and end users: 

  • We have thoroughly tested our internal and external communication solutions, and as always, prioritize our communication with our customers, employees, subcontractors, partners, and vendors. We will continue to be responsive, work hard to provide excellent service, and stay connected during this challenging time. 
  • We have created a set of quick solution offerings for our customers for their internal security, capacity, and collaboration to help them with the transition to a remote workforce.  
  • We are continuing to create solutions for our customers and workforce as they navigate the current unprecedented challenges. 


MatchPoint Solutions will continue to closely monitor the situation and is prepared to make real-time decisions to implement other measures that support our employees, subcontractors, vendors, partners and customers as needed. If there is anything that we can do to support you or your organization, or if you have questions or concerns, please contact your account manager or email us at 


As the situation continues to evolve, we will post updates to our website (www.matchps.comand send email notifications as appropriate.  


We are confident in our ability to limit the impact of COVID-19 to our services because of these preparations. We wish you, your family, friends, and co-workers good health as we navigate this difficult but not insurmountable situation.